ASG Roni M9 Conversion Kit

Conversie frame om van een ASG M9 Gas Blowback pistool een korte karabijn te maken. Het frame klikt open en het pistool kan er in gemonteerd worden. Rondom voorzien van montagerails en een verstelbare kolf en handgreep. 

€ 159,- 

M9 pistool niet meegeleverd

Roni M9 Conversion Kit Kenmerken

The CAA Airsoft RONI Pistol to Carbine Conversion kit is an ergonomic designed and awesome looking conversion device, in which a M9/M9A1 model GBB Airsoft gun can be mounted. It converts the pistol into a compact carbine equipped with rails for tactical equipment like lights and optical sights. The large charging handle makes charging the weapon easy and user friendly to both left and right handed operators. 
The integrated CNC machined Aluminum top and 2 side rails allows for mounting all sorts of accessories, and a Nylon Fiber lower rail to mount any front grip. The CAA Airsoft RONI is equipped with an adjustable 5 position buttstock, and features a spare magazine holder for faster reloading. The adjustable cheek rest on the buttstock is removable. There are ambidextrous front and rear QD slots for sling mounts.
The CAA Airsoft RONI includes a pair of flip-up sights, a detachable folding forearm grip and an ambidextrous charging handle.
Roni markings on receiver
Ambidextrous charging handle
Low Profile Flip-up sights
Ergonomic detachable folding front grip
Ambidextrous safety-catch
Retractable buttstock with 5 different positions
Spare magazine holder for faster reloading.
Interchangeable spacers to fit both M9 and M9A1 models
Compatible with: 11112 M9 HW metal, GBB 11555 M92F, GNB 11557 M92F, GNB 13466 M9, GBB 17201 M9A1, Socom Tactical w. ext. tube, GBB
Main Material: Nylon Fiber; Aluminum
Weight: 1900g
Min. Length: 470mm
Max. Length: 560mm
Color: Black 

ASG Roni Conversion Kit(ASG-RNI)

€ 159,00

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