Daystate Tsar

Speciale Field Target buks van Daystate in samenwerking met Ataman/Demyan

4,5mm - 16 joule. 

Volledig verstelbare kolf met hamster, verstelbare wangsteun en schouderplaat.

Lengte 1070 mm
Looplengte 460 mm
Gewicht 4,5 kg
Single shot
140 schoten per vulling

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Tsar Kenmerken

The Tsar features include:

  • Trigger unit using a 5 level adjustable multi sear system incorporating a multi adjustable trigger blade
  • High Precision match grade stainless steel Lowther Walther barrel
  • The Tsars advance stock constructed in a blue laminate is fitted with an adjustable cheek piece, adjustable atomically shaped grip and a long forend rail. Unique to the Tsar is a specially designed multi-positional butt pad is included for maximum control
  • The Tsars advanced action is backed up by the stock that is every bit as state of the art. Made from special blue finished laminate, used to eliminate stress been transferred to the metal work it cradles, the thumbhole stock is crafted for both form and function in mind. It's ergonomic shape and array of multi adjustable features bring every conceivable benefit to the Tsar shooter, whether faced with a sitting, prone, kneeling or standing shot
  • Quick adjustments to the cheekpiece and forend can be made on the fly. While a more tailored gun can be achieved by way of precise adjustments to the cheekpiece, butt pad and palm rest. An accessory rail under the forend also allows further fitting for a totally bespoke setup and maximum control
  • A single unit construction breech, utilises a side lever cocking operation.
  • The rifle is fitted with a dry fire facility to allow the practice of trigger control without actually shooting a pellet

Daystate Tsar 4,5mm(DS-TSR45)

€ 2.195,00

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